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Unless otherwise noted, meetings are typically closed on all French public holidays Click on a meeting's name for details, or click on a venue or day of the week to browse respectively by venue or day of the week.
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  • CANCELLED MEETINGS: Some meetings are cancelled on French public holidays. Please consult the meeting list below.


    Day of Week Time of Day Meeting Name Venue Directions Comments
    Friday 08:00:00 A Reading Meeting St. George Directions  
    Friday 12:00:00 Steps American Cathedral Directions  
    Friday 18:00:00 Agnostics Maison des Associations Directions No pets allowed. August 1st to 20th the meeting will be 44 rue Volta. Métro Republique , Arts et Metiers or Temple.
    Friday 18:00:00 Mens Meeting Eglise Reformee de Paris Luxembourg Directions In August, meeting will be held at the regular time in the basement of Le Guynemer, the café at 78 rue d’Assas at the corner of rue Vavin, opposite the Luxembourg Gardens. They are nice enough to welcome us every year, please buy a beverage.
    Friday 19:00:00 Courage to Change American Church Directions At the intercom please say: I am here for the meeting.
    Friday 19:30:00 Friday Night Solution Scot's Kirk Directions  
    Friday 20:30:00 Conscious Contact Meditation Studio Austreales Directions  
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